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There are 5 factors that will determine your business success

1. Competitive Environment (Strength of Competitors)

2. Operational Execution (Delivery of what was promised to the customer)

3. Strategy (Business model. Creation of customer expectations) 4. Message Development (Total customer communication. Includes, location, marketing, advertising, ad writing, media planning, signage, decor, selling, word of mouth, customer experience, online)

5. Total Market Potential (How much will be spent by the public in your product or service category this year? The depth of your current penetration, how much money remains on the table?

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When you are ready to grow your business, we can help you with Strategy and Message Development, but we rely on you for Operational Execution - the delivery of what was promised to the customer. We can not help a business that doesn't deliver a positive experience. Ultimately you must be good at what you do, if not, there is no marketing plan in the world that can help. Does that sound blunt? Insult is the cost of clarity

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