marketing optimizationMarketing Optimization for Owner Operated business

Marketing Optimization helps you:

1. Grow your business faster.
2. Maximize the return on your marketing pounds.
3. Recognize the things that have been holding you back.
4. Clarify your strategic position in the marketplace.
5. Focus your core message.
6. Evaluate which media would be most efficient for you.

Marketing Optimization is an ongoing, long-term agreement between our two companies. It is where we help you design and implement a marketing strategy and plan to Boom Your Business.

The 9 Phases of Wizard Marketing Optimization

Phase 1: Alignment Meeting
Phase 2: Uncovery
Phase 3: Strategy
Phase 4: Summary Retreat
Phase 5: Message Development
Phase 6: Media Planning
Phase 7: Implementation
Phase 8: Tracking
Phase 9: Annual Retreat 


Marketing Optimization has a one time fee for Uncovery and Strategy, then a monthly implementation fee. Fees for the one time Uncovery + Strategy range between, £2,200 to £22,000, depending on the size of your business and complexity of the plan.

The monthly implementation fee is adjusted to account for your growth potential and the resources needed to properly achieve your goals. Monthly implementation fees range between £550 to 5,500 per month, for a 12-month agreement.

Note: Wizard of Ads does not accept payments or kickbacks from media suppliers. Any discounts negotiated, we pass back to you, the business owner. This discount in many cases will offset our fees.

At the end of 12 months, you will have the option to…
1. Discontinue our relationship or…
2. Continue our relationship by paying the base implementation fee plus a percentage of gross sales over and above the previous year’s sales benchmark.

Making Ads Work

Private 1-Day Workshop

“Advertising begins only after you win the attention of your target, a difficult thing to do in this over communicated world.” – The Wizard

If you are going to advertise, know how to do it right.

This 1-day workshop will teach you how.

Are you happy with your current advertising?
Do you feel confident when you sign off on a media agreement?
Do you feel you are getting the maximum return on your current ad pounds?

Tragically, most advertisers think, “I’ll just experiment until something starts working, and then I’ll just keep doing that until it quits working.” This is why most business owners wander the desert of frustration thinking, “Advertising is a rip-off.”

In a perfect world, your media sales reps and copywriters would have time to do a complete Uncovery for you, time to process the information and time to craft compelling messages that involve the listener. But it’s not a perfect world, is it? The one thing we all lack is TIME.

The Making Ads Work 1-day workshop is a means of getting you from point A to point C in the shortest amount of time. It includes seemingly simplistic tools to increase the results of your advertising. This workshop is not going to make you great or an expert at advertising, but it will make you better.

The workshop concentrates on the two key areas of your advertising.
1. What to Say in Your Ads
We are talking strategy and your core message.
2. What is the Highest and Best Use of Your Ad Pounds?

When to use radio, television and newspaper and how to schedule each.
You will walk out of this workshop knowing how to schedule your ad budget for maximum return.

You will have the ingredients for your advertising campaign. Then it is simply a matter of handing these ingredients to a copywriter. You will end up with the ad you want in a much shorter time.

You will have more confidence when you sign off on your next media agreement.
You will experience improved results.

After attending the workshop you will know more about advertising than 90 percent of the media sales reps who offer you advice.

Price for this one day private workshop is £2,200  if you come to West Sussex. You will find being in a different environment opens your mind to new ideas.

If we come to you anywhere in United Kingdom or Europe it is £4,400. Plus travel expenses and accommodation. For the rest of the world e-mail

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