Wizard of Ads 

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Will any destination do?

Spray and pray advertising is money wasted.
We don’t run ads. We build brands.

Wizard of Ads is a global marketing & advertising firm founded on the principles of Roy H. Williams, author of the New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best Selling trilogy, The Wizard of Ads. 

As a Wizard of Ads Partner, we have been privately trained on the secret principles Roy uses to grow businesses across the world. 


Strategic Marketing Development

There is no one strategy for marketing but there is one that works for you, let’s discover it. 

SEO Strategy

Online SEO still matters but not in of itself. Fitting it into a strategy we can create magic.


Persuasive Story Selling

Companies that can tell a story connect with customers at a deep level. 

Conversion Coaching

One to one coaching to bring out your best advertising and marketing potential. 

Website Results

Website built on how your customers think. 

Content Marketing Consulting

Content that has an impact and speaks to your customers. 

Get a wizard on your side

My team and I grow businesses.how can we grow yours?

It’s Time to Grow Your Business!

You have a good business. You want to grow. But nothing changes until action is taken.

Take the first step. Organise a free Alignment Meeting.  This meeting can be done by phone or face-to-face. We’ll ask questions and listen before we make recommendations. At this meeting, we both decide if there is a fit between our two businesses. 

Grow Your Business Bigger Faster

You want to grow your business. You invest time and money into marketing and advertising. It fails, so you try again, and again. It takes mountains of money and years of experiments to discover what works best.


Marketing & Advertising Optimisation

Don’t spend your mountains and years. We can optimise your marketing & advertising for you. More customers will visit your website. More customers will call your business. More customers will walk into your shop. 

Qualities of Successful Clients

Do you share the qualities of our most successful clients?