About You

Who becomes a Wizard of Ads Client?

Do you share the characteristics of our most successful clients?

You are willing to invest resources in the growth of your business.

You are passionate about your business, it’s goals, products and history.

You are a business owner or someone who has absolute authority to say YES.

You are already good at what you do.

You are committed to your business goal.

You have a long time horizon.

You are customer focused.

You are committed to attracting the profitable Relational Shopper.

You accept responsibility for your successes and failures.

You are open to new ways of doing things.

You are not looking for a quick fix, but a long-term growth solution.

Profitable Relational Customer

If you are a business owner looking for a quick fix or hyped SALE type campaign, please do not call us. Your best bet is to contact your radio or TV station or look up an Ad Agency in the Yellow Pages. Our firm does not do short-term marketing. We build brands and businesses by designing strategies that will attract the profitable relational customer.

If the above describes you, take the next step in your business success story, contact us for a complimentary alignment meeting. We need to hear your story to see if there is a fit between our two companies.

  1. We must warn you up front – once we get the marketing strategy, right three months into it you will think it’s the worst decision you have ever made, but you will think it is the best decision you have ever made after 12 months.

I’m ready when you are! 

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