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Join the Rebellion Against Boring Advertising

Welcome to the mystical land of Wizard of Ads United Kingdom, where we’re like the wizards of the advertising world – casting spells of growth and success for businesses everywhere. And at the head of our magical council sits John Cassidy-Rice, a seasoned business owner and expert Wizard of Ads Partner for the UK.

“For over 23 years, John has been traversing the treacherous terrain of entrepreneurship, fighting off dragons of debt and out manoeuvring the trolls of competition. With his trusty wand of creativity and his mystical powers of persuasion, John has helped countless businesses unlock their true potential and achieve new heights of success.

“Through his work as a Wizard of Ads Partner, John has honed his skills as a master storyteller – spinning tales of intrigue and excitement that captivate audiences and turn them into loyal customers. He’s like the Merlin of advertising, able to conjure up campaigns that are both powerful and persuasive, drawing in customers like moths to a flame.

“But John’s not just a wizard of words – he’s also a savvy business owner with a keen eye for strategy and growth. He’s like the Dumbledore of the business world, guiding his clients through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship with wisdom and grace.

“So if you’re looking for a magical partner to help you unlock the full potential of your business, look no further than Wizard of Ads and our fearless leader, John Cassidy-Rice. We’re like a Hogwarts for businesses, training up a new generation of entrepreneurs to become the wizards of their own destiny.

Join us on this magical journey and let’s create some advertising magic together!

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